Transforming the world of cross-language communication

As the pioneer of translator earbuds, Timekettle has transformed the world of cross-language communication since it launched in 2016. HybridComm™ is what makes Timekettle competitive in the market. It supercedes conventional  translation products by adopting an entirely different technical structure to advance speech processing, simultaneous interpretation, and AI translation.

Timekettle  showcased its cutting-edge translation technical solutions at the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show (“CES 2023”), the world’s most influential global tech event held January 5-8, 2023 in Las Vegas, USA. At the event, Timekettle’s flagship WT2 Edge product, the world’s first truly simultaneous translator earbuds, took centre stage.

WT2 Edge earbuds can translate up to 40 languages and 93 accents in real time, breaking down language barriers commonly seen among those using English as a second language. This Timekettle innovation is especially useful in English-speaking countries with high percentages of immigrants and where educational success depends on a strong proficiency in English, as is common in North America, its major market. Timekettle aims to make things easier so  students concerned for example, can gain confidence in their English faster and ultimately achieve better grades.

“I believe the significance of a great translation product lies beyond the technological advancement of one company over another; it is the whole interaction experience between people of different cultural and language backgrounds that fames Timekettle product great,” Leal Tian, Founder & CEO of Timekettle said.

Timekettle WT2


With this mission in mind, Timekettle prioritizes the user experience. Timekettle has invested massively to develop the world’s first simultaneous translator earbuds WT2 Edge with the core technological advantage HybridComm™ technology, empowering cross-language communication with a complete hands-free, natural and fluent experience. Timekettle users include cross-border travellers and business people, transnational family and friends, language educators and learners, overseas students and expats, etc.

The HybridComm™ system consists of THREE technological advancements:

  1. BoostClean Speech Technology (TWO PARTS)
    The VNR (Vector Noise Reduction) technology secures the sound source to be recognized only from the direction of your mouth, and artificially fix the recording distance of the sound source. Hence, it can record the user’s voices clearly in their complete form, while eliminating the noise and interference affecting the conversation.
    The RNNVAD voice recognition algorithm automatically segments any sentences to ensure they are translated logically. In addition, after a substantial amount of AI training (length of product usage), the product will pick up only human voices to ensure the segmentation of sentences and the translation (as results) are more accurate over time.
  2. TurboFast SI Technology
    It is the first and only company that successfully made receiving and sending of signals via Bluetooth possible. This technological breakthrough laid the foundation for a simultaneous interpretation experience in which their products can record, translate, and playback, all at the same time.
    Data has shown the Simultaneous Interpretation Technology increased communication efficiency by up to 200% faster (more fluent).
  3. UniSmart AITP (AI Translation Platform)
    The exclusive translation solution is built on a global low-latency adaptive cloud platform with multiple servers and accelerators. The company integrated the world’s top translation engines that allow the products to support many languages in different countries. It is one of the most accurate and stable solutions in the world.


HybridComm™ system consists of THREE technological advancements


The company is headquartered in Shenzhen, China with an operation and customer centre based in Los Angeles, United States.


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