Water Weights Club Introduces World’s First Adjustable Water Dumbbells

Water Weights Club is introducing the world’s first set of adjustable water dumbbells. The innovative aqua gym equipment is the first of its kind to offer three resistance levels in one set, through a new and unique mechanism for adding and removing buoyancy disks. The adjustable settings are ideal for a range of water-based workouts, including AquaFit, Water Aerobics and Aqua Zumba. A fitness video series that includes over 50 brand new pool exercises as well as recipes and strategies for health and wellness is also being launched to complement this and will be available online in September.


The adjustable water dumbbells are launching in three colours, which can be combined and customised according to preference, with a further 16 colours to be added to the product line in the near future. Manufactured in Vietnam, the products are available to be shipped worldwide. Water Weights Club video content will be available in English, French, Spanish and Vietnamese, with more languages to come.


The video series and the dumbbells are targeted at several professional categories; exercise equipment retailers, health and wellness professionals and fitness trainers are among business owners who could benefit.


Water training offers massive benefits for form, function and fitness. With buoyancy and natural compression, the low-impact, high-resistance environment is suitable for anyone from performance athletes to the aging population. Aquatic exercise is recommended for boosting circulation, reducing stress and pressure on bones and joints, reducing recovery between workouts as examples.


Strength and conditioning coaches will find the program a valuable new challenge for their clients looking to break through plateaus, as the consistent resistance in the water provides a training environment that is primed for perfecting technique, improving breathwork, and working muscle groups.


Physiotherapists, chiropractors and other qualified professionals will note the benefits of water training include cardiovascular benefits and noted improvements in flexibility and joint strength.



“We have been developing this equipment and this exercise routine for over six years now,” said Blair Semenoff, Founder of Water Weights Club, “and we could not be more excited to introduce a never-before-seen water training technology as the perfect partner to our video series, which includes not only fitness routines, but holistic health tips such as intermittent fasting and healthy recipes.”


“Our slogan is Learn, Teach and Flourish Together,” added Mr. Semenoff, “and that’s exactly our mission – to inspire new ways of working out for instructors and individuals alike. Plus, our routines are designed for chest-high water, so no formal swimming training is required. You don’t even have to get your hair wet!”