staying focused on the road



A revolutionary navigation experience designed from the ground up for riders was launched at the Tokyo Motorcycle Show [March 23]. Navigation has required riders to repeatedly look down at the screen to know when to turn. Now Noodoe Navigation is designed to allow  riders to focus on the road.


KYMCO Noodoe Navigation


Noodoe Navigation pioneers a ROAD-FOCUSED NAVIGATION concept. It is a completely new rider-centric approach in the navigation industry. Instead of continuously telling riders how many meters until the next turn — and requiring them to stare at the screen repeatedly — Noodoe Navigation presents the number of intersections on the side of the street before your next turn.


As a result, riders simply count down the streets without the need to repeatedly look down, allowing them to stay focused on the road as they approach the next maneuver. During the entire ride, there are no unwanted alerts or interruptions. Riders can confirm the approach of the next turn whenever they want.



Other features that distinguish Noodoe Navigation as the industry first rider-centric navigation system include:

Pre-ride Destination Entry

Riders can specify a destination on their phones before leaving home, so they don’t have to enter the address into the scooter’s navigation. When the key is turned on, the destination automatically transfers from the phone to the scooter.  It is all set before the journey begins.

Personalized Journey Navigation

Enter multiple destinations — up to 5 — on the phone at once. As the key is turned on, all of them seamlessly transfer to the scooter to create the corresponding navigation journey desired. This is useful when riders want to enjoy spirit riding or a scenic route along the way.

At-a-Glance Directions

When on the road, riders have only a short period of time to glance at the scooter’s dashboard. Hence, on this rider-optimized navigation system, every piece of information has one consistent place on the dashboard. Information presentation is simple, clear, with critical information fixed in optimal location. Riders can always see what they want at a glance.

Look Ahead Safely

At the stoplight, Noodoe Navigation shows riders the view of what is still to come, so they can anticipate everything ahead. The detailed journey information is only displayed when riders have time to read it safely.

Noodoe + Ionex

For KYMCO Ionex scooter owners, the combined Noodoe-Ionex experience elevates to the next level. Picking a Ionex charge point on the phone automatically transfers the location to Noodoe Navigation.


“Noodoe elevates the scooter navigation experience to a whole new level,” said Allen Ko, Chairman of KYMCO. “With Noodoe, riders get a safer, more enjoyable, and overall the most heart-winning riding experience.”


Source: KYMCO