Shanghai insurtech launches CareVoiceOS(TM)

The CareVoice, an international health insurtech company based in China, announced on September 25 (2019) the launch of CareVoiceOS(TM)  – its latest product that will be available in mainland China and Hong Kong. CareVoiceOS(TM) is the first healthcare operating system allowing insurers to deliver health plans which are more tailored, efficient and compelling to their customers, according to the company.

CareVoiceOS(TM) plays a critical role to insurance firms as a curator for  digital healthcare services, and more importantly, a partner in product innovation providing value-added services to match specific population needs, and customer insights.

Having worked with a total of 15 local and international leading insurance companies such as Ping An and Generali, the China insurtech has gained technical know-how and understanding of insurance companies as well as the consumer pain points to design solutions for existing gaps. According to Ella Ding, Head of Operations at GBG, “CareVoice has provided a series of mobile-based health engagement services to many insurance clients. With CareVoiceOS(TM), their newly updated system, I believe insurers can manage more effectively different digital services within one platform, get integrated insights of member behavior across different services, and launch innovative health plans targeting specific populations.”



One of the key benefits of CareVoiceOS(TM) is that it allows members to proactively manage their health condition. CareVoiceOS(TM) is characterized by a connected ecosystem of wellbeing and healthcare services covering gene testing, mental health, digital health check-up, cardio-fitness and second medical opinion. According to Dr. Bechara Saab, CEO & Chief Scientist at Mobio Interactive, a Canadian company which provides Measurable Digital Therapy for mental health, “We are excited for Am Mindfulness to be part of the CareVoiceOS(TM) ecosystem. This partnership empowers insurance companies to provide much more than insurance and take an active role in supporting the wellbeing of their policyholders – while simultaneously driving down costs and improving healthcare for everyone.”

CareVoiceOS(TM) is now available to all current insurance customers as an upgrade, and the company has already enabled the design of multiple new health plans which are under launch preparation.

“Technology is a lever that can help healthcare stakeholders leapfrog the performance boundaries of the current ecosystem,” commented Neil Liang, Chief Product Officer and Co-founder of The CareVoice. “The aim of CareVoiceOS(TM) is to provide an operating system for health insurance stakeholders to connect better and yield better outcomes. It features a unique ‘Care & Cure’ offering enabling a seamless healthcare and insurance experience for insurance members. ‘Care’ offerings – i.e., ‘Vibrant’, a heart-rate based fitness engagement program – allows insurers to bring a new generation of consumer-centric health plan focused on prevention, while ‘Cure’ offerings – i.e., a smart hospital directory – enables insurers to efficiently and cost-effectively address consumer pain points when navigating the healthcare system.”


Source: The CareVoice