Remote Patient Monitoring Platform launched

A leader in IoT-based remote care solutions, recently launched  VitalOn (May 2021), a comprehensive remote patient monitoring (RPM) platform for active seniors and older adults living with chronic conditions.The company, Essence SmartCare, part of the Essence Group (Israel) enables smart preventive care and emergency response so seniors can live life to the fullest,with total peace of mind.


VitalOn introduces a new concept to the care market by combining telecare, wellness and RPM capabilities into a single, connected platform. The system is always on, providing continuous monitoring and chronic conditions management for a wide range of healthcare needs, both in the home and on the go. It continually gathers and analyzes patient data from multiple health and monitoring devices to facilitate proactive, predictive and preventative care.


Essence SmartCare Launches VitalOn Remote Patient Monitoring Solution


The platform is easily installed through a gateway with multiple connectivity options and is compatible with a wide range of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)-enabled medical devices. The platform continuously monitors wellbeing parameters and routine vital signs to detect and alert users, carers or clinicians in case of abnormal activity. It optimizes the user experience by addressing aging-related issues and chronic conditions, including diabetes, hypertension and congestive heart failure without the need to rely on smartphone or tablet apps.


Dr. Haim Amir, CEO and Founder of Essence Group commented “As people age and their medical needs become more complex, they find themselves torn between the need to feel safe and cared for while remaining free and independent.VitalOn helps resolve this dilemma with a solution that enables seniors to monitor their vital health indications and connects them directly to their care providers, both inside and outside of the home. It allows them to continue living safe, active and independent lives, regardless of whether they have only minimal medical needs or require regular, chronic or even intensive treatment.”


Essence SmartCare has partnered with various connected medical device manufacturers to enable an integrated and scalable suite of monitoring devices.The current suite includes a pulse oximeter, weight scale, blood pressure monitor, thermometer, blood glucose meter and wearable activity/sleep tracker.


All devices automatically pair with the VitalOn gateway and are both FDA-cleared and CE-marked. Once connected, they continually transmit patient-generated data to a real-time clinical dashboard that enables care teams to remain constantly informed, facilitating early intervention and improved patient outcomes. Advanced APIs enable seamless integration with all major health monitoring platforms.


“We face a reality in which at least 80% of seniors are living with at least one chronic condition, which requires continuous monitoring for effective management. VitalOn provides the most connected, vigilant, and seamless solution for monitoring the health and wellbeing of seniors without infringing on their daily lives,” said Barak Katz, General Manager for Essence SmartCare. “This is in line with our company’s overriding commitment to provide peace of mind through innovation, by bringing to market accessible and easy-to-use technologies that significantly improve quality of life.”


The company is partnering with telehealth service providers and system integrators to implement the solution in health systems and senior care facilities across the United States, European Union and Australia.