‘Private Doctor’ Service launched by Ping An in mobile app

Ping An Healthcare and Technology Company Limited (“Ping An Good Doctor”, or the “Company” ), has launched the “Private Doctor” service in the Ping An Good Doctor App to mark a new era of medical and healthcare practices. The dedicated Private Doctor approach enables users to find quality medical and healthcare resources at their fingertips, by employing innovative mobile medical technology that customizes medical services.



New features fulfil users’ all-round demand for medical and healthcare services

The newly launched Private Doctor service by Ping An Good Doctor caters to the needs of adults, the elderly and children by appointing dedicated doctors to conduct one-on-one consultations. The system operates round the clock to satisfy holistic medical and healthcare demands, such as real-time medical consultations and offline appointments for outpatient services at hospitals.

Behind the Private Doctors service is a professional team made up of reputable doctors from the top 100 hospitals in China, enabling users to efficiently connect to selected doctors to seek second opinions and find the best medical solution.

Apart from dedicated Private Doctors,”health butlers” are also available and integrate the services in medical and healthcare sectors. Through developing an electronic health profile, customizing a physical check-up plan, compiling medical reports, tracing abnormal health indicators and managing weight for users, the Private Doctor service will be able to monitor users’ health, thus preventing possible diseases. According to the World Health Organization, the cost of disease prevention, treatment and emergency rescue have a proportion of 1:8.5:100, indicating that investment in health management can substantially provide medical cost savings.


New service for elderly

For the elderly who have difficulty seeking medical services, Ping An Good Doctor’s Private Doctor has introduced a “Comfort x 5” service to help them make appointments, escort them to medical consultations, settle fees, undergo examinations and collect medicine with the help of trained professional caretakers. The comprehensive service enables a swift process for medical consultation and hospitalization.


Ecosystem for “Medicine+Health” and new partnership

The Private Doctor platform partners with insurance agents, banks, consumption and health sectors through its own ecosystem to integrate resources for the provision of diversified “Medicine + Health” solutions, creating a one of a kind ecosystem for medicine and health.Ping An Good Doctor also announced a strategic partnership with Wyeth to offer high quality and Private Doctor services for 12 million members in the Wyeth Mothers’ Club.



Source: Ping An Good Doctor