PC Gaming anytime anywhere with 5G

With the popularization of 5G technology, Gigabyte’s vision is it will make PC gaming anytime and anywhere. This leading manufacturer of motherboards and graphics cards, showcased a new concept 5G gaming PC, Project Cielo by AORUS in Taipei (October 20, 2021). It combines 5G connectivity, modular design, and portability.


The Gaming PC with 5G

Compared to the traditional wired or 4G wireless networks, 5G makes PC gaming on the go possible by offering greater bandwidth, ultra-low latency and near-instant access to cloud gaming. Project Cielo comes with an accommodating falcon-wing antenna that symbolizes AORUS. The design also  integrates the 5G antenna into the PC chassis. With the unique wing-shaped design it allows for faster connectivity. Players can save the expense of purchasing additional 5G antennas and cable arrangements whilst enjoying the ultimate gaming experience on the go brought by 5G.


Exclusive modular design for multiple uses

Project Cielo features a modular design. Consisting of three parts, the top is the main PC system; the middle is the battery module; and the bottom is the Bluetooth speaker module. Users can mix and match any of these three to form different configurations according to their needs. While at home, the main PC system and the speaker module can be joined as an entertainment centre. The Bluetooth speaker module can also be stacked with the battery module to become speakers for smart devices. The combination of the main PC system and the battery module also makes it possible for gaming on the go. Players can enjoy the constraint-free PC gaming experience anytime, anywhere brought by 5G.



Given Project Cielo’s ultra-fast 5G connection, gamers will no longer be tied up to the desktop anywhere. Instead they can play wherever they go and have the most immersive gaming experience anytime, anywhere. Project Cielo stands for sky in Spanish.