opening up the future of music for composers

Composers are currently facing many challenges in the limited classical music market and have to deal with modern trends in music compositions and above all against old established ones. They also must take care of administrative necessities and rights management which the music publisher, Universal Edition, with years of expertise can support them with. The Viennese publisher has responded to the demand and is opening up the future of music by creating a new publishing tool – Scodo.


Scodo offers all composers the opportunity to appear in its globally established catalogue between renowned composers such as Gustav Mahler, Arnold Schönberg, Arvo Pärt, Pierre Boulez, Friedrich Cerha, and Wolfgang Rihm.



Composers are provided with a new and flexible web tool for the publication of their sheet music.With just a few clicks, music makers can publish a new work at any time, which can be obtained worldwide via the Universal Edition website. All sheet music published via scodo can be distributed and printed -including  digitally via Universal Edition.


Universal Edition, the music publisher was founded in 1901 and is keeping its finger on the pulse, offering the entire range of modern music distribution. It has been distributing its sheet music for beginners as well as professional players of the best orchestras worldwide. Scodo, sets a milestone for music publishing with the help of digitalisation.


The publishing house takes care of the distribution of digital and printed sheet music, worldwide sales to concert halls and opera houses, as well as the direct licensing and accounting of rights not covered by collecting societies. All these services unburden composers and thus enable them to concentrate fully on composing.



Pictures provided by Newzik/UE