new initiatives announced at HKSTP



HKSTP announced some new value-added services available to Hong Kong-based technology start-ups and companies on March 21:

Launch of Healthcare Devices Innovation Hub: Laser-focused on wellness and healthcare, the Healthcare Device Innovation Hub will offer shared facilities and business development guidance for accelerating healthcare device product development – from prototype testing to clinical evaluation. The Hub will be made available to local and overseas entities, including universities, start-ups, research institutes and any related healthcare or biomed companies.


Launch of Data Analytics Platform: A collaboration with five technology partners – Hitachi Vantara, NVIDIA, Siemens, CLP Power and Infineon, the Data Analytics Platform is an extension of the Data Studio initiative to accelerate the development and adoption of smart city solutions by leveraging the vast real-time datasets and data technology in the premises.



Senior executives from Partner companies and HKSTP at the inauguration of the Data Analytics Platform, part of the initiative to accelerate the development of smart city solutions in the city.


Smart Cities Showcase: HKSTP promotes “Smart Region” innovations, with a focus on Smart Living, Smart Mobility, Smart Environment and Smart People. Science Park is a living laboratory to validate proof-of-concepts and collect big data for analytics.

There are 8 multifunctional smart lampposts installed in Science Park with IoT technologies developed by partner companies. These smart lampposts will collect real-time data which will be shared with the Data Studio for developers to further enhance their Smart City-related solutions.


One of the major event highlights at the MakeITHongKong 3-2-1 Go! event was the Time Capsule Opening Ceremony where wishes made for I&T development 10 years ago were publicly unveiled. “We are honoured to witness the unveiling of the time capsule and happy to see that the wishes have been realised after a decade. HKSTP aspires to build on the past and look forward to the future. While we are chipping in with our new wishes for the next 10 years, we would like to take this opportunity to rally support from our stakeholders in the community to build an I&T-centric future together,” Albert Wong, CEO of HKSTP said.


                                                     Time Capsule Opening Ceremony.


HKSTP also held a graduation ceremony for 72 technology start-ups and companies for completing various Incubation Programmes that support them at various stages of development – from pre-incubation to go-to-market. The number of graduates from the Incubation programmes reached a record high this year, with many of them making great strides in their development. Collectively, they gained 45 local and international awards for creativity and product excellence, filed or registered 39 patents and raised HK$ 130.3million from angel investors and venture capital companies.


Graduation Ceremony