leading logistic start-up introduces new technology to elevate the efficiency of supply chain operations.

An Indonesian logistic start-up, is unveiling a new groundbreaking technology for efficient supply chain and logistics process. MileApp is leading the wave of the e-commerce’s boom.


With the fundamental changes in e-commerce and consumer behavior, Southeast Asia’s Internet economy continues to grow at an unprecedented pace, reaching over $100 billion in 2019, or tripling in size over the last four years, according to  research undertaken by Google and Temasek [“SEA-Internet Economy Report”].


MileApp was founded in 2018 and has raised seed round from MDI and BonAngels. Since then, it has helped over 14,000 users of Indonesian companies to achieve delivery operation efficiencies, including JNE, Sayurbox, Sosro, Wahyoo, Kompas Gramedia Express, and G4S.


MileApp’s adaptive workforce management solution works by translating any kind of logistic workflow from the simpler ones – such as pickup and delivery – to a more advanced process like digitization of cash logistics. Dika Maheswara, CEO & Founder of MileApp stated “we ensure the most efficient logistic process by using route and load optimization, that aims to save cost by eliminating manual errors.”


       Dika Maheswara, CEO & Founder of MileApp


“We are leveraging web and mobile integration to support supply chain processes. Addressing growing customer demands, such as fast deliveries and accurate product tracking, we’re focusing our technology on navigation and workforce management solutions. As we observe, these factors are the backbone of efficient logistic process,” commented Dika.


MileApp also caters to logistics end-to-end processes with various modules such as Warehouse Management Solution, Transport Management Solution, and Package Management Solution – which centralizes multi-hub logistics business and enable more accurate item tracking from the first to last mile.


Smart logistics have the means to support the rapid e-commerce growth, particularly in Indonesia as one of the biggest e-commerce spenders in Asia Pacific that successfully creates a market of at least US$8 billion-a-year of business, according to research by McKinsey [“How online commerce is driving Indonesia’s economic development”].


Simon Kang of BonAngels, – one of MileApp’s investors, said “The high demand and opportunity in the e-commerce sector has boasted a large number of investments in the smart logistics industry, and it will continue to be a field where many investors keep their eyes-on. With MileApp, we are trying to contribute to the growth of the e-commerce ecosystem through deep technology and knowledge.”