Investors Can Trade Stocks and Securities 3 to 10 Times Faster with AI Powered StockBot


StockBot, the latest innovation to empower investors to trade stocks and securities 3X to 10X times faster than what they have been doing before was launched by InfoTalk Corporation on April 24, a leading provider of conversational understanding technologies.



Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, speech recognition, and natural language technologies, StockBot understands the human voice.  The investor can trade stocks via the smartphone by simply speaking his or her instruction.




StockBot interprets the investor’s natural voice in a wide variety of accents and speaking styles.  StockBot also understands the investor’s trading instructions that may be spoken in many different ways, and yet have the same meaning, such as: “stock code 0005 buy price seventy six dollars and fifty cents quantity thirteen thousand shares,” or “buy price seventy six and a half dollars stock code 0005 quantity thirteen thousand shares,” or “quantity thirteen thousand shares buy price seventy six point five dollars stock number 5.”


StockBot makes stock trading on the smartphone much faster and more efficient.   By using StockBot, the investor would not need to use the keypad to construct a trading order.  There is no need to type one at a time the stock name, quantity, and price.  The investor can simply speak and confirm the order within seconds.  It gives the investor the feeling of talking to a live agent, yet no privacy is compromised.


Speaking with Innovation Hong Kong, Dr Zachary Leung, the Founder of InfoTalk Corporation also noted that StockBot was a benefit to those who found keyboard use cumbersome or not available to them. “Thanks for the convergence of major technology advances from multiple frontiers, StockBot is the latest paradigm-shifting innovation that changes the way we do business in the finance industry.”


Dr. Leung is a machine-learning scientist-entrepreneur.  He received his PhD from MIT, which is believed by many as the birthplace of AI. He founded InfoTalk Corporation in 1966 and since then the company  has provided award-winning solutions across many industries, ranging from finance and telecommunications to transportation and government. To date, millions of people have used multi-lingual solutions powered by InfoTalk, including automatic speech recognition (ASR), text-to-speech (TTS), and natural language understanding (NLU). The company’s mission is to voice-enable information access and transactions anytime, anywhere by anyone and via any device around the world.



Source: InfoTalk Corporation