Insurtech Insights Asia concludes a successful event

Insurtech Insights’ commitment towards creating a vibrant environment for networking and an exhibition proved highly successful at their recent conference in Hong Kong [December 6-7, 2023]. The event returned to Hong Kong following a three year hiatus due to the pandemic. The combination of engaging presentations across  different stages coupled with invaluable opportunities for face-to-face interactions resulted in a truly immersive experience for all attendees.

As we stepped into the vibrant conference venue, the energy was obvious. The Insurtech Insights conference in Hong Kong had already begun to captivate attendees with its impressive lineup of speakers and thought-provoking sessions. From startup founders to industry veterans, this event brought together a diverse range of voices that are shaping the future of insurtech.



Conference Highlights

The conference boasted four different tracks apart from the Main Stage -Purple Stage|Blue Stage| Red Stage|Tech Stage- each offering a unique perspective on the intersection of insurance and technology. Attendees could choose from presentations covering topics such as blockchain in insurance, AI-driven underwriting models, customer-centric digital experiences, and  more. With simultaneous sessions happening throughout the day, there was always something intriguing to learn or discover.

The organisers,who encouraged all to use the efficient Brella app, made it even easier with guidelines on the agenda for topics around Innovation, Leadership, Insurtech, Health, Investing, Distribution, ESG, Claims, Underwriting, Life, Specialty, to steer eager listeners towards their speaker locations.

Experts delved into the latest trends and developments shaping the insurtech landscape. They discussed topics such as artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, and data analytics, highlighting their potential to transform traditional insurance practices. Entrepreneurs shared their experiences in disrupting the insurance sector and finding new solutions to age-old challenges.

Attendees learned about groundbreaking products and services that are changing how insurance is bought, sold and, managed. Legal experts shed light on navigating complex regulations while maintaining innovation in a highly regulated industry. Discussions covered topics such as privacy protection, cybersecurity measures, and consumer trust.We also heard valuable insights on investment strategies and, what investors look for.

From interactive panel discussions filled with insightful comments to fireside chats with visionary leaders who shared their success stories, the conference provided ample inspiration for those seeking fresh perspectives and reshaping traditional insurance practices.



Networking & Exhibition

It wasn’t just about absorbing knowledge at Insurtech Insights Asia– networking opportunities abounded at every turn at this well organised event. Participants were able to forge valuable connections through structured matchmaking programs organised by Insurtech Insights. By leveraging advanced algorithms, designed to match complementary profiles based on interests and objectives, attendees could maximize their networking potential with suggested contacts via the Brella app.

Networking sessions were strategically scheduled throughout the conference program, allowing participants ample opportunities to connect during breaks or after presentations. These informal gatherings facilitated meaningful discussions on shared challenges and emerging trends within the insurance technology landscape.

The exhibition area buzzed with excitement as delegates mingled with fellow professionals from established insurers, tech startups, investors, and regulatory bodies. They explored booths with cutting-edge technologies, interactive displays, and insightful demonstrations. It was an ideal setting for forging new partnerships and exploring potential collaborations that could transform the industry.



Other Events

Apart from this there were specially sponsored events which attendees could register to attend including cocktails in the late afternoon|evening at other venues and a dinner. InnovationHongKong was fortunate to be included in an exclusive University of Connecticut dinner which gathered some alumni, investors and startups attending the insurtech conference. It was interesting to note that UCONN (as it is known) recently introduced a unique Masters of Fintech degree – only a handful of universities offer this globally. We were hosted by the Director, Global & Experiential Education and the Masters of Fintech Programme Director. An interesting and innovative collaboration between university and the event organisers not only for Asia but globally…a great plus for participants.



The networking events not only enabled industry players to expand their professional networks but also sparked new ideas for collaborations that have the potential to reshape the insurtech ecosystem. The power of bringing together like-minded individuals cannot be understated when it comes to cultivating innovation within any industry.

As Insurtech Insights Asia 2023 came to a close, it was clear that the networking and exhibition aspect of the conference played a pivotal role in connecting industry professionals and fostering collaboration.

By embracing collaboration and forging meaningful connections at events like these, we can expect continued growth within the insurtech sector as diverse talents unite towards shaping its future.

Congratulations to Insurtech Insights Asia organisers on bringing this great event back to Hong Kong – we hope to welcome you again next year !



InnovationHongKong® was proud to be a supporting partner of this event.