Innovation in Food Production April 22, 2022

We know there is a lot going on in the foodecosystem with innovation in farming, plant based product development, protein fermentation and cultivation of meat and seafood products.

Meet some of the innovators creating,investing and driving the food innovation production system. Our esteemed panel from Australia, India, Singapore and Hong Kong will share their insights on what they are doing to make food more sustainable,better for the consumer and our planet.

Join us on Earth Day – April 22 for this webinar on Innovation in Food Production.

Our esteemed panel includes:

  • Aaron Chua, Co-Founder, Fisheroo
  • Pratichee Kapoor, Kerry India
  • Jim Fader, CEO, Eden Brew
  • Vandana Mathur-Dhaul, COO, ID Capital
  • Alan Lo, JIA Group

Please note the time zones based on the host time of 11:30am HK time:

APRIL 22  7:30 am Dubai    9:00 am Delhi      1:30 pm Sydney

10:30 am Jakarta|Bangkok     11:30 am Hong Kong|Singapore

12:30 pm Tokyo

APRIL 21   8:30 pm Los Angeles|San Francisco|Vancouver

11:30 pm New York   



If you would like to learn more, see what investors are also pursuing as well as food tech development from these innovators below as well as ask your questions come and join us on April 22 for this virtual panel session. It is free however you need to please register here to receive the Zoom link:

We hope to see you there !