innovation in art – changing your perspective



Seen in St Tropez and this week at Arts Central in Hong Kong- Flowers Gallery showcased the unique style of artist Patrick Hughes.



Hughes’ painted reliefs constantly baffle his audience, demonstrating how deceptive appearances can be. As you walk towards the seemingly flat paintings they loom out at you, creating a disorientating, ‘moving’ experience.



The preconceived assumptions of eye and brain are challenged, inevitably raising important questions about our perception and the subconscious. His witty illusions are not meant to confuse us (although they do), but aim to clarify our relation to reality. Instead of describing paradox, we can now experience it interactively; for his work is more to do with us, the way we think and the way we perceive.


Hughes’ work is included in major public collections such as Tate, Victoria & Albert Museum and the British Council. In 2014 he received an honorary degree from the University of London’s Advance Study, in recognition of his outstanding contribution to education and research.


Innovation Hong Kong hears that the painting on show ( pictured above) might already have been sold in Hong Kong. If you are interested in this artist’s paintings or getting in touch with the gallery contact us at