“ili” the offline portable translator is now available in Hong Kong


“ili”, the portable offline translator is now available in Hong Kong. Logbar, the Japanese company who created the offline translation device -called “ili” has been awarded a Silver DFA Award.  The Awards are organised by the Hong Kong Design Centre annually to showcase design excellence and promote those companies with commercial success in Asia. This portable and stylish gadget is now available in Hong Kong after going viral on social media with over 100 million views.


“ili” is the world’s first offline translator designed and optimized for travelers. It does not require WiFi and can finish translation in as fast as 0.2 seconds. The device can translate English to Japanese, Spanish and Mandarin -“ili” can change the way you travel.


Kato Kyoichiro, Product Designer of Logbar, said, “We want to revolutionize the way people travel with science and technology. Tourists tend to use mobile apps for translation, which can take time to set-up, and users are constantly ignoring eye contact while looking at the screen. This can lead to awkward and unnatural interactions with locals. Our human-centered design focuses on reducing the stress involved with traveling and maintaining a natural conversation process. ” ili’s” speaker is designed to face the listener so the translation is delivered clearly.It is convenient, lightweight and able to translate instantly and naturally.”


             Kato Kyoichiro, product designer of Logbar speaking about ili