Hong Kong startups showcase in Toronto

Last week ( May 20-23, 2019), Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) led a delegation to the Collision Conference in Toronto, Canada -where they showcased alongside many of the world’s most disruptive emerging technology companies. Leveraging on HKSTP’s support for their development, the start-ups were seeking new investments, potential collaboration and market expansion in North America.

Peter Mok, Head of Incubation and Acceleration Programmes of HKSTP, said, “We are committed to supporting our incubatees and partner companies, from crystallising their ideas into solutions, to helping them seek new markets for commercialisation. With this delegation to Collision, and our successes at international start-up competitions, it sends a message to the world of Hong Kong’s stature as an international I&T hub. We are not only bringing our home-grown companies and solutions out to the world, but we are also a destination for international companies and talent to seek new opportunities too.”

Hong Kong’s line-up at the conference was made up of companies coming from the key technology focus areas of AI and Robotics, Biotech, Fintech and Smart City.They included:


  • Portable Therapeutic Device. A smart rehabilitation medical device. Having a core therapeutic algorithm and feedback it could relieve pain, promote blood and lymph circulation, tissue regeneration, and improve musculoskeletal strength for patients knee degeneration and sub health issues.


  • ClinicOne™ – a one-stop healthcare diagnostic platform for precise medical treatments, seamless clinic operations and secured electronic health record management for the smart clinic. Powered by Health-Me2™, a personalised health care app to maintain connections between patients and doctors, it is compatible with multiple devices and accessible anytime and anywhere.


  • ReHealthier – a personalised healthy eating analytic platform. It consolidates information from widely-adopted nutrition diagnosis guidelines and food nutrients and correlates them to user chronic health and eating habits. ReHealthier collects information from healthy eating apps, smart devices, and other health apps and the information is fed into its analytics platform, where machine learning and AI algorithms are used to create users’ chronic health profile for classification and analysis, thus guiding users with personalised healthy eating suggestions and targeted health improvement advice.


  •  the world’s first Binocular Video Tone Mapping (BVTM) algorithm. The technology can enhance the quality of visual perceptions, allowing people to “See Better, Live Better”. The innovation is applied in two core areas: 3D enhancement in the film-making industry and colour-blind rectification in the ophthalmologic sector. An AI-based self-learning mechanism is created and embedded within the framework to optimise visual satisfaction and viewing comfort.


  • Hybrid Reality Platform (HRP) combines the best of Building Information Modelling (BIM), Reality Modeling, and other 3D data. Being a geo-intelligent collaborative platform, HRP helps manage the real-time IoT data of any objects in precise and photo-realistic 3D models. HRP has facilitated seamless 3D asset management, construction progress monitoring, safety training and predictive behaviour which in turn saves time and budget for construction projects. CHAIN’s solution has made DIGITAL TWIN possible in modeling and information by leveraging its expertise in BIM, Reality Modelling, IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Management.


  • Digital Identity Solution – the electronic equivalent of who you are as a real person, used exclusively by you, to receive valued services and to carry out transactions with trust and confidence. It confirms that “you are who you say you are” in an online context. The solution consists of EMALI Passport (mobile), EMALI Passport (web), EMALI Platform and EMALI Network.


  • King City’s radar sensor – the art of integration of the millimetre wave antenna, radar transceiver frontend and the baseband signal processing unit. The radar sensing technology can enable different detection schemes and identify different gestures, human body movement or vehicle by distinct reflected radar signal.


  • Lambda Sense focuses on machine-learning-based Continuous Authentication by People’s Gait Pattern and Inertial Measurement Unit, which helps provide a real-time management for monitoring and detection.


  •  “Mobiwhere” is a mobile app that syncs its smart lights with anything and everything that is set on organisers’ computers.


  • MedEXO’s walking aid system targets Parkinson’s patients with freezing gait, who find it difficult to start walking, turning and crossing narrow spaces. It consists of three components to help users maintain stable gait and balance: One laser device provides a visual cue, a pair of insoles provides tactile cue, and an app for setting and data visualisation.


  • Mictronics’s concealed fan coil unit with mFCS PMS Motor. The company claims it could save 50-80% of electricity consumption with 15 years of functional operations.


  • ReadySwap-Intelligence Engine powers a series of Ready products to facilitate Peer2Peer Fx Swapping, enabling retail point acceptance of up to 80 kinds of currencies and fingertip management of personal currency assets – providing a comprehensive range of payment options to complement current financial institutes.


  • Pokeguide app advises tourists how to go from place to place by public transportation in Asia, claiming to be much more accurate and with a broader coverage than any existing providers. For metro information, it even advises you which door to board the train, so that you can take the shortest possible route inside the station and won’t get lost inside complicated metro stations in Asia. Pokeguide has already ventured out of Hong Kong and landed in Taiwan, Macau, and soon to be  in Japan, Korea and North America.


  • RaSpect is the Big Data that integrates professional inspection experiences from all over the world and offers services including pattern recognition, structural analysis, building diagnosis, inspection prediction thermal inspection, data visualisation and facility management.


Source: Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation