Hong Kong mobile App aims to democratize charity


Innovation Hong Kong aims to focus on the lesser known startups with purpose so we are  pleased to showcase a social enterprise based in Hong Kong with their mobile App “Gift-a-Deed.”


So what is a social enterprise you might ask? A social enterprise is an enterprise that trades commercially with the purpose of creating a positive social impact. The structure can be as both non-profit or for-profit. The social enterprise aims sustainability in the financial , social and environmental sense. The profits are principally reinvested to achieve its social objectives.


“Gift-a-Deed” mobile App was launched last year with a purpose to democratize charity. It allows anyone to give today without being dependent on any specific organization and see the results via their mobile in a timely manner.


The App was developed and launched by a husband and wife team (Navin and Simrin) who are based in Hong Kong.Through their  personal journey they decided to do something which they felt could make a difference to those less fortunate or suffering from a natural disaster in their community. They have lived in Hong Kong for more than 13 years,raised a family and work but wanted to do something more -with purpose. They developed and launched the Gift-a-Deed mobile App last year and started testing it in the Hong Kong market first with an Android version. The mobile App is now available for download via Android Playstore or iOS App Store and, is free to install.


Using location-based technologies (pins appear on a Google map), users can find causes to support in their own communities and contribute or donate resources to projects in their local neighbourhoods.The App helps match donors directly with the needy by enabling them to directly link resources with needs. Mobile app users can identify, locate and propagate issues related to strife, poverty, food, water, clothes and shelter. When it is taken up by another user the original user who propagated it is notified of the results. Gift-a-Deed also provides a rewards programme to keep users involved and grow the user base.


A video was created by Joe and Shauna Prete – producers of “Tech and Goodness” in the US- for the launch which helps to explain more. You can view it here:



The video is also available to view via You Tube in Chinese, Spanish and Portuguese.


With the  growing trend for direct connection via your mobile to almost anything these days this is a welcome new App which creates direct user interaction and will hopefully bring results to some of those less fortunate that are sometimes unknown in our own local communities.The App enables “Doing Good One Deed at a Time.” In December 2017, the United Nations described Gift–a-Deed as “tech for good” and featured it on its website.


Innovation Hong Kong is proud to be a collaborative partner of Gift-a-Deed. If you are interested in becoming a future supplier or partner – as plans are already in place for a further mobile App please leave a comment below or contact us via the contact us page. We definitely want to spread the word about this innovative App and help this social enterprise.