Future Innovation Summit May 11-12, 2022

InnovationHongKong is a proud supporter of this major innovation event.If you are going to be in Dubai on May 11-12, do not miss this exciting event – physical in person.It is being held at the Meydan Hotel, Dubai, UAE.


The Future Innovation Summit is focusing on three main categories – SPACE, SUSTAINABILITY and METAVERSE which will then branch off into other related topics. The programme provides a multitude of opportunities for attendees to learn and network. It will be the first Space Summit in the Middle East.


Special invited guests of honour:




Day 1 : May 11 – 2022

Space | Day 1

  • Vision of UAE for the Space Industry
  • Approach & Innovation of Healthcare in Space
  • How Space effects the Climate Change?
  • Can Aviation & Space ever become Sustainable?
  • Space Investments
  • Advancing Aerospace Development

Sustainability | Day 1

  • Future Environmental Impacts of Metaverse
  • The Importance of Shifting to a Circular Economy
  • Paradigm and Future Outlook
  • Future of Sustainable Education
  • Startups & VC ecosystem in UAE : How to grow Unicorns
  • AI for sustainability / The Use of AI In the Fight Against Climate Change
  • Sustainable Solutions in Cargo Industry
  • Investments in Green Energy
  • Is Carbon Credit our Future

Metaverse | Day 1

  • Metalogistics as the future of supply chain
  • Metaverse vs Reality
  • Building a B2B Metaverse
  • Metaverse : Hardware, Experience & Beyond
  • Figuring out currency & payments for the virtual world


Day 2 : May 12 – 2022

Space | Day 2

  • Planet Defense against Extraterrestrial Objects
  • Customs in Space
  • Evolution of Space Robotics
  • The Perspective of Mars Colonization
  • Dark Matter as a Future Energy Source?

Sustainability | Day 2

  • UAE Vision about Climate Change
  • Positive & Negative Impact of Modern Technologies in
  • Sustainable Future
  • Safety and Security in Smart Cities
  • Worldwide Sustainability Challenges
  • Women Leadership in Building Environment of Tomorrow

Metaverse | Day 2

  • Facilitating commerce in metaverse
  • State of industry : Where is Metaverse today ?
  • Landscape of live entertainment in Metaverse
  • Workshops & enterprise collaborations in the Metaverse
  • Future of Meta : What could it offer 10 years from today ?


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