First Global Payment Network to Launch Frictionless Parking in Malaysia

International payment brand UnionPay has partnered cashless parking provider Sonicboom Solutions Sdn Bhd to launch frictionless parking for GoPayz UnionPay customers to park in the city without using cash, card or collecting a parking ticket. UnionPay has become the first global payment network to enable frictionless parking in Malaysia and, in Southeast Asia.


Parking  in the Klang Valley area is seamless as GoPayz UnionPay customers only need to register their car plate information in their GoPayz app to enjoy cashless and contactless parking at two locations – Desa Sentul Commercial Park and Metro Point Complex.This means entering the parking structure the driver does not need to collect a parking ticket when entering the parking gantry.The system automatically recognises the pre-registered car number plate upon entry. On exit from the parking station drivers do not need to look for an autopay machine, scan QR Codes nor pay in cash or card -parking charges are based on actual usage and are automatically deducted from the UnionPay virtual card in the GoPayz app. Charges appear in real time in GoPayz app transaction history for receipts.


Frictionless parking uses Sonicboom’s licence plate recognition technology, a usage scenario in the UnionPay International Content & Service Platform (UCSP).The vehicle license plate, upon entering a carpark, is automatically captured and recognised upon exit. Payment of parking fee is simply deducted from the pre-registered UnionPay account based on the actual parking fee charged.


Huiming Cai, General Manager, UnionPay International Southeast Asia, said in line with bringing more seamless, integrated and convenient payment services to our customers, UnionPay International is pleased to partner Sonicboom and GoPayz to introduce frictionless parking to our Malaysian customers. We believe that frictionless parking will improve the payment experiences for our customers, especially the busy Malaysian consumers who are always on the go. In future, we hope to introduce more usage scenarios under the UCSP to further enhance mobile payment experiences.” 


UnionPay has also partnered Sonicboom to enable UnionPay Contactless parking at sites across Kuala Lumpur, including the Tun Razak Exchange 106 (TRX), Pavilion Shopping Mall, Plaza Arkadia, Desa Park City, The Majestic Hotel and plans to extend to more sites in the next two years. In future, UnionPay customers will be able to park around Klang Valley by just waving their UnionPay card upon entry and exit.


The UnionPay International Content & Service Platform (UCSP), integrates various mobile payment scenarios into a mobile payment ecosystem, enhancing consumer’s payment experiences for everyday purchases. These include transit, parking, benefits, coupons, tax refund and others.