Entasis Therapeutics and Zai Lab Announce Exclusive License Agreement in Asia-Pacific


Entasis Therapeutics, a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on the discovery and development of novel antibacterial products and Zai Lab Limited (NASDAQ:ZLAB), a Shanghai-based innovative biopharmaceutical company, announced an  Exclusive License Agreement in Asia-Pacific last week – April 25, 2018.


Entasis’ ETX2514 is a novel broad-spectrum intravenous inhibitor of β-lactamases, which are a major cause of antibiotic resistance. Entasis is developing ETX2514SUL, for the treatment of a variety of serious multidrug-resistant infections caused by Acinetobacter baumannii, representing a healthcare challenge of global importance with over 200,000 occurrences estimated in China each year. ETX2514SUL is currently in Phase 2 development with plans to move into global Phase 3 clinical trials in the first quarter of 2019. Zai Lab will manage the portion of the Phase 3 trial conducted in China.


In China, A. baumannii accounts for approximately 11% of total Gram-negative infections. Based on a national survey of over 1,300 hospitals in China, there are over 200,000 A. baumannii infections per year, although the actual incidence is estimated to be much larger. The resistance of A. baumannii to certain antibiotics has increased significantly, estimated at 60% in 2016, with some provinces as high as 70-80%. In other Asia-Pacific countries, such as Japan and Korea, it has also become an increasingly significant challenge for physicians. Due to the high rates of multidrug-resistant infections, the Chinese government has identified the goal of developing one to two innovative anti-infective drugs by 2020.


Entasis remains committed to building a pipeline of life-saving treatments for patients affected by drug-resistant bacterial infections around the world. We are thrilled to partner with Zai Lab on the further development and potential commercialization of ETX2514SUL in the Asia-Pacific region, most notably in Greater China, where the rate of A. baumannii infections rank among the highest in the world,” said Manos Perros, Chief Executive Officer of Entasis. “With their experienced leadership team, focus on innovation and established expertise and network within the infectious diseases arena, Zai Lab is the ideal partner to help bring ETX2514SUL to the numerous patients in the region who need a new effective treatment option. The collaboration will offset costs and enable enrollment of patients from China into our global Phase 3 clinical trial, further supporting our plans to rapidly progress ETX2514SUL to market.”


“Infectious diseases are a key focus area for Zai Lab due to the serious problem of multidrug-resistant infections both in China and globally. We are excited to collaborate with Entasis, a company that has extensive expertise and know-how in developing anti-infective products that address multidrug-resistant infections, and we look forward to working together to accelerate the global development of this potential life-saving therapy. We expect ETX2514SUL will be a positive addition to Zai Lab ‘s anti-infective portfolio, and we remain committed to developing a drug to combat multidrug-resistance, which currently poses a serious global threat to our society,” stated Samantha Du, Ph.D., Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Zai Lab. “This collaboration reinforces the strength of the Zai Lab team both in China and globally, and we believe will help us further progress on our mission to establish Zai Lab as an innovative, fully integrated, global pharmaceutical company.”


Entasis has granted Zai Lab an exclusive license to develop and commercialize ETX2514SUL in specified countries in the Asia-Pacific region, including Japan. Entasis and Zai Lab will cooperate in conducting a pivotal Phase 3 trial in China, with Zai Lab taking the lead by conducting the screening, enrollment and treatment of patients, and coordinating development, registration and commercialization of ETX2514SUL in the territory. In addition, Entasis and Zai Lab have an option to collaborate on the development and commercialization of ETX2514 in combination with other active ingredients.



Source:Entasis Therapeutics Holdings Inc