enhancing the travel experience


Confidex is the technology award-winning Finnish company that is enhancing the travel experience and increasing the operational efficiency of airports.The platform, working as a travel data aggregator, increases airport officials’ insight with in-depth understanding of travel metadata. For the passengers, the adoption of MYVIA by Confidex™ will both reduce stress and dwell times, thereby giving the passenger more time to enjoy the airside offerings as well as taking much of the stress out of the equation – it is the airport app engine that gives everybody concrete added value. The MYVIA by Confidex™ platform is based on Confidex’s know-how built on years of expertise in creating wireless IoT technology solutions for Smart Cities and leading industrial customers.


The app is designed to solve the challenges that take place at all airports, all the time: how long does it take me to get to gate? Where are the best retail offers? Where is the friend I am due to meet? The main objective of the solution is to ease the life of the passengers and ease their anxiety. MYVIA by Confidex™ also supports airport staff by providing them information about the real-time location of people and objects. With the MYVIA by Confidex™ platform, airport logistics efficiency and asset utilization can reach the level of optimal automation.


Simultaneously, MYVIA by Confidex™ can make travellers’ airport experience straightforward and enjoyable: they can find their way effortlessly from security to the departing gate and receive interesting offers customized for them. MYVIA by Confidex™ offers airports a platform that directs people to stores with the help of proximity marketing, increasing the value of commercial premises and the revenue of the stores.


When developing MYVIA by Confidex™, Confidex R&D focused on delivering the airport managers a tool to provide their customers relevant, accurate information in real-time. This kind of holistic platform manages the overall flows in the airport: it’s not only built to solve wayfinding or advertising but provides also the complete heatmaps and other travel data with high information security.


Confidex EVP of Smart Industries, Paul Broekhuizen, is excited about the innovative solution: “Whereas outdoor location navigation services for finding the nearest shop or your parked car are commonly available features, indoor location services to support airports in their Digital Airport strategy have been missing in the past. Now, with MYVIA by Confidex™, airports have the tools to bring new services to their passengers”.


MYVIA by Confidex™ can help an airport to better meet the high service quality level it targets and take the personalized travel experience to a new era by using predictive intelligence and improving operational efficiency.


Source: PR Newswire