English Language ed-tech offers services in Taiwan

A premium private online English tutoring service started serving Taiwanese users (December 24th, 2021) specifically targetted at adults.The service connects learners with tutors sourced from leading universities in the US and the UK.


“Ringle” was founded in 2015 in South Korea and provides services for adults including business English and interview preparation. Ringle is unique in its pairing of users with tutors from Ivy League universities or other top-tier higher education institutions in the US or UK. It enables users to engage in thought-provoking discussions with the tutors and receive corrections and paraphrasing suggestions in real-time.


Ringle has grown  with more than 100,000 users worldwide. The company has been focusing on growth outside of Korea after finishing up a series A investment with USD 18 million funding. Launching the service in traditional Chinese for Taiwanese users is a part of Ringle’s global expansion effort.


Ringle an online platform that matches English learners with tutors from prestigious universities in the US and the UK starts serving Taiwanese users


As a language Edtech company Ringle offers:

  • A pool of 1,000+ tutors who are current students or graduates of a prestigious universities and capable of teaching advanced business/academic English
  • Over 900 proprietary lessons on global current events on a range of topics including business and culture
  • Live and on-demand webinars conducted by tutors
  • Online/offline seminars on studying abroad or overseas employment
  • an AI-based feedback report that analyzes the user’s speech speed, vocabulary range, and syntax.


Ringle selects its tutors through a strict screening process, vetting them based on their ability to teach advanced English for academic or business settings. This process includes tutor candidates submitting proof of enrollment or graduation, verifying their school email address and conducting a mock lesson.


During the lessons, tutors use Ringle Docs, a tool developed by Ringle that enables tutors to correct and/or edit the users’ English in real-time. The corrections are available both throughout and after the lessons, helping the users with initial comprehension as well as post-class review.


After each class, Ringle provides an AI-based script, created using STT (speech-to-text) technology, along with a recording of the class. The service also provides a list of synonyms of words frequently used by the learner, as well as an analysis of speech pace, vocabulary range and frequently used words and phrases, to assist with diagnosis and maximize learning efficiency.


Seunghun Lee, Ringle’s CEO and co-founder said, “of Ringle’s current pool of users, approximately 30 percent live outside of Korea. Most users are employees of prominent companies, such as Google, McKinsey & Company, and Boston Consulting Group, or graduates of renowned universities such as Harvard or the Wharton School. As part of our efforts to address the needs of users all around the world wishing to attain a sophisticated level of English proficiency, Ringle is releasing our service in traditional and simplified Chinese, Vietnamese, and Japanese. We hope that many Taiwanese users working in the global market find our service helpful.”


“In 2022, we will further enhance Ringle Docs and our overall learning platform to finally bring results of a joint project with KAIST’s HCI [Human Computer Interaction] research team, which will provide users with a fine-tuned diagnosis of complexity, accuracy, and fluency of their English,” he added.