COVID-19 Vaccine Developed has high neutralising Antibodies Against Omicron

Significant progress has been made in the second generation COVID-19 vaccine against the Omicron mutant strain in China. The vaccine, by WestVac BioPharma Co. Ltd,belongs to the latest fifth generation vaccine technology, targeting the S-RBD protein of the COVID-19 mutant strain.


The large-scale production of vaccines adopts internationally advanced insect cell production technology and coordinates with international novel vaccine aids.The vaccine can induce the production of high amounts of neutralizing antibodies when immunizing animals such as mice or monkeys.The neutralizing antibodies against the Omicron variant strain, can reach high levels which have the ability to block the virus from infecting cells.


Previous discoveries with the vaccine suggest it  maybe a universal COVID-19 vaccine against multiple mutant strains including Brazilian strains, South African strains, Delta strains and other mutant strains of Euvirus.It is also the first COVID-19 vaccine announced internationally that has high amounts of neutralizing antibodies against Omicron.


Animal experiments conducted with sequential vaccination of different types of COVID-19 vaccines showed that two doses of mRNA/inactivated vaccine or one dose of adenovirus vaccine, followed by the vaccine, rapidly activated the immune response and produced higher protective neutralizing antibodies than the same type of vaccine. The vaccine has completed process research and large-scale preparation.



The production process is stable and it has been certified by the National Institute for Food and Drug Control; the pharmacodynamic research on the immunogenicity and protection of mice, rats, and monkeys, as well as a pre-clinical safety evaluation has been completed. This new vaccine is expected to enter clinical trials in early 2022.


WestVac Biopharma is an international vaccine and immunothreapy platform founded by Professor  Yuquan Wei and his research team from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, State Key Laboratory of Biotherapy and Chengdu Manufacturing and is located in Tianfu International Bio-town and, listed as a unicorn company in 2021.A larger facility is currently under construction in Guangzhou, China.


The biopharma company has GMP production workshops with an annual production of 600 million doses, and obtained a “Drug Production License” issued by the the local medical products administration.The company has 21 products in the pipeline including mature insect cell expression, mRNA vaccine, novel adjuvant, bacterial vaccine and tumor vaccine and immunotherapy platforms. A nasal spray recombinant COVID-19 vaccine against variants is also being developed which it is hoped will help boost  vaccinations worldwide.


Source:WestVac BioPharma Co. Ltd including any forward looking statements.