“Building a Fully Connected, Intelligent City.”

“Building a Fully Connected, Intelligent City,” was the theme for the ninth Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC), held in Barcelona from November 19 to 21, 2019.  More than twenty industry partners and customers, jointly attended the event including Huawei which showcased a wide-range of urban applications as well as its latest strategic cooperation with Barcelona.


Showcasing intelligent city solutions


Huawei’s intelligent city solution states it has served more than 500 million people in over 200 cities across more than 40 countries and regions.

At the SCEWC, Huawei showcased its latest intelligent city solutions:

  • IOC: A visualized, efficient, and intelligent city “brain” that enables visual management of city assets.
  • Horizon Digital Platform for cities: This helps customers achieve the overall planning of urban infrastructure, enhance the business experience, and accelerate the launch of services. It also provides partners with integrated ICT infrastructure capabilities, accumulates industry assets, and unifies open interfaces to enable more efficient development and innovation.
  • Intelligent applications: Including intelligent pole, intelligent road analysis, and intelligent indoor navigation solutions, which integrate with Huawei AR, Wi-Fi, and IPC products.
  • Intelligent education: The Campus OptiX solution ensures superior service experience of classrooms in high-density scenarios. The Wi-Fi 6 solution offers high-bandwidth and low-latency classroom scenarios and the electronic whiteboards that enable remote teaching.
  • Digital hospital: Huawei Wi-Fi 6 medical third-party asset management solution based on Wi-Fi 6, intelligent pharmacy based on Huawei edge computing, as well as Hospital Information System (HIS) and Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) solutions using Huawei’s dual-active high-reliability all-flash storage.
  • Intelligent customs: e-Government cloud, desktop cloud, national broadband, and government private network solutions.



Innovative Smart City Forum


At the Innovative Smart City Cooperation Forum, Huawei demonstrated its strategy in intelligent city construction and  practices in cities worldwide. Additionally, the company officially released the Smart City Development and Governance Standpoints Paper during the expo.


Through urban case analysis, the paper comprehensively detailed two typical models and six paths of how intelligent cities empower urban development. It proposed that “economic” and “systematic” will be the key aspects to urban development.


The paper offered four initiatives on intelligent city construction. First, adaptation to new trends and shifting of the role of governments can accelerate intelligent city deployment. Second, adopting an economy-driven model can boost economic vitality. Third, systematic planning is needed to build a comprehensive and layered intelligent city capability system. Fourth, multi-faceted efforts help secure the sustainable development of intelligent cities.


Addressing Challenges that Consumers Face


The Forum also covered common areas of concern shared in China and Europe which Huawei is addressing to help customers, including how to integrate various new technologies, connecting information silos, efficiently governing data, and promoting organizational and process transformation. Speakers sharing views included Shan Zhiguang, Director of the Informatization and Industry Research Department at the State Information Center, Rudolf Niessler, Principal Advisor for International Relations at the European Commission, and Sun Fuyou, Vice President of Huawei Enterprise Business Group.


                                 Mr Sun, Huawei Enterprise Group addressing the Forum


“Smart city development needs to consider both technical and human factors, and needs to be done more intelligently,” said Mr. Sun. “It is a government-led initiative that requires a long-term, continuous process of development. Innovation, trial, and constant iteration will be key. An integrated digital platform can help powerful ecosystem partners conduct agile development and iterative operation based on the individual needs of the city.”


Huawei launched the “HiCity” Intelligent City Solution, based on the Horizon Digital Platform. It optimizes the integration of a variety of new ICT technologies and data to streamline service processes, share service data, and transfer information flows, reducing the threshold for the use of new technologies and makes integration easier.With ecosystem partners, Huawei aims to better support the governance and innovation of smart cities.


Strategic cooperation


Huawei as a member of Smart City Industrial Ecosphere (SCIE), reached a strategic cooperation with the SCEWC to develop all-round cooperation in new technologies, industry incubation, industry standards, and industry ecosystems during the expo. Huawei hopes to contribute to the intelligent city standards, help cities build and enhance global competitiveness in the process of digitalization and intelligent transformation to jointly realize the vision and dream of a great city.


Source: Huawei