ASTRI wins 23 Awards at Geneva Inventions

The Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute [ASTRI]  won a record 23 awards at the prestigious International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva. It was the third year that ASTRI was successful at this event, having won 21 awards in 2019 and 14 won in 2018.


The International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva is organised annually jointly by the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), the Swiss Federal Government, the State, and the City of Geneva. It is acknowledged as the most prestigious and coveted event for inventors around the world with about 600 inventions from 20 countries and regions judged on the online platform.


To remain close to its inventors and global innovation during the global COVID-19 pandemic, the organisers of the International Exhibition of Inventions decided to host a special virtual-only edition in 2021: Inventions Geneva Evaluation Days – Virtual Event. This made it possible for inventors from all over the world to participate in the competition by presenting their invention via a 3-minute video, judged by a panel of professional judges.


ASTRI’s gold-medal technologies demonstrated the broad range of innovations being created at Hong Kong’s largest R&D institute, from Health Tech – a behaviour analysis system that can allow carers to respond quickly to risks faced by the elderly such as falls; to Intelligent Manufacturing – more efficient AI solutions for Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) and, Smart City – an IoT blockchain that improves methods to handle large volumes of data; a life-saving emergency communications network for remote areas; and a safe and efficient means to charge multiple devices simultaneously at home without cumbersome infrastructure.


The 23 awards comprised of  seven golds and 16 silvers. Dr Lucas Hui, Acting Co-CEO & Chief Technology Officer at ASTRI said of the awards, “It is a privilege to triumph in such a competitive field, packed full of world-class innovators and talented inventors. We will strive to continue creating technology that has a positive impact on society and it is always pleasing when that hard work is recognised.”


Dr Martin Szeto, the other Co-CEO & Chief Technology Officer at ASTRI stated, “We have all had to adapt to changing circumstances in the past 12 months or so, but we have not let it stop us creating exceptional technology and incredible inventions. The International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva found a way to ensure talented people could again be recognised and we are delighted that, for the third time running, we have received our fair share of that recognition.”


Gold Medal awards won by ASTRI this year were as follows:

  1. Smart Behaviour Analysis System
  2. IoT data exchange using blockchain technology
  3. Mobile Mission-Critical Communications Terminal
  4. 5G and Vision-Based AI Improvements for Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV)
  5. Wide-Bandgap-Based Power Converters for Next Generation Data Centres
  6. 3D High-efficiency Power Electronics Modules for Metro Train Energy Storage Systems
  7. Enhanced Long-Distance Wireless Power Transmission Platform

The Silver Medal Awards won were:

  1. Smart Water Data Analysis
  2. Document Auto-Summarisation
  3. Apparatus and Method for Virtual Walkthrough Generation
  4. Apparatus for Measuring Objects in 3D Scenes
  5. Zero Knowledge Proof Hardware Accelerator
  6. Improving user data delay and throughput experiences for cellular system over high latency backhaul
  7. 5G O-RAN Base Station with Frequency Domain Signal Extraction Technology
  8. Improved Multi-Beacon Wireless Indoor Positioning System
  9. Advanced mobile energy technology for scalable and safe energy storage for smart robotics applications
  10. Interconnect Technologies for Electronic Circuit Fabrication and Through-Silicon-Via Technologies for IC Integration
  11.  ElectroStatic Discharge Protection Solutions for Advanced CMOS FinFET Process for 5G Applications
  12. Low-Capacitance Transient Voltage Suppressor for Mobile Electronic Surge Protection
  13. Advanced Breaker for Energy Efficient DC Buildings
  14. AI Quality Assurance System for Smart Manufacturing
  15. Compact Non-mechanical Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) Beam Steering System
  16. Instant and Non-contact Determination of Materials Concentration in Solutions