“temi” robots – available in Hong Kong as of next month

Tung Hing Automation – is the exclusive distribution partner for “temi” in Hong Kong, as announced at a press conference last week  at RISE 2019 (July 10). “temi”- a service robot was on display for attendees to see capabilities first hand and speak with representatives.


              Roy Lim, VP Tung Hing Automation (L) & Davy Cheung (R)


“temi” officially launched at CES Las Vegas in January this year and is currently selling at 15 locations throughout the U.S. The company is venturing further into the consumer market with this announcement to initially sell thousands of robots in Hong Kong as of next month. The price will be HK$17,500.


Out of the box capabilities


“temi” is a service robot with the best AI tools built-in. Alexa has been integrated into “temi” and has expanded its capabilities, pioneering a whole new era of personal assistant devices. New functionalities and new languages have been introduced by Tung Hing Automation who has 41 years of field-based experience in human-robot interaction.

Roy Lim, Vice President of Tung Hing Automation advised Innovation Hong Kong that “temi” has the following capabilities:

1) voice interaction

“temi” hears, identifies, understands and responds to the user’s voice using Auto Speech Recognition (ASR) and far field voice technology, natural language processing (NLP), speech-to-text and text-to-speech (TTS) engines

2) video conferencing, remote control of “temi” from iOS or Android app, telepresence

3) auto navigation to a saved location, auto scan floor plans and maps with 6-layers LIDAR, save location, obstacle avoidance, path finding, path optimization, patrol

4) can take photos, sequences and videos

5) can play music with five high-definition  speakers

6) Alexa integrated and 50000+ Alexa skills can be used (translation, CNN news, HK radio, etc.)

7) can follow humans, recognize face, body shape and clothes color

8) open SDK for development of Android Apps combining with navigation, NLP functions

9) has a 15W Wireless charger for phone charging

10) weather, news, dictionary, encyclopaedia, calculator & alarm          functions

11) World radio

12) uses existing Play store apps

13) finds your phone, text, phone, email, search google with voice commands


Smart city


Roy  stated, “We have vast experience in industrial automation, medical robotics and food automation. With the addition of “temi” the service robot, the synergy for a fully automated city is complete.”

Tony Lim -Roy’s father,Founder and President of Tung Hing added, “In addition to being the sole distributor in Hong Kong and a distributor in China, Tung Hing Automation will also enhance ‘temi’s’ usability by leveraging our experiences in skills development, so that ‘temi’ will be used in different fields such as retail stores, education, hotels, telemedicine, cosmetics, security, factory HMI, performing arts & real estate.”

Tung Hing was established in 1977 and is the largest Mitsubishi Automation distributor in China. The company has designed and implemented robotic and AI systems for Tesla, Apple, SpaceX, Zume Pizza, Foxconn & Pegatron. It has also developed the only polishing machine with its own patented pressure control system for the Swiss watch industry. Temi’s global headquarters is in New York City, with an R&D lab in Tel-Aviv and a business and manufacturing location in Shenzhen, China.