Revolutionizing the way AI is applied to healthcare.

Presagen has launched a new AI product for clinics aimed at revolutionizing the way AI is applied to healthcare. It is changing the way medical data from around the world is connected with artificial intelligence, to build globally scalable and unbiased medical products.


Presagen’s AI Open Projects in an online platform that connects clinics from around the world to safely crowdsource globally diverse datasets needed to build AI medical products that are robust, scalable and unbiased. The platform safely connects data from clinics globally to co-develop medical AI products that can be delivered at scale and at low cost.


The financial value that is created from economies of scale can then be shared amongst contributing clinics via royalties. This enables clinics, particularly small and medium sized clinics, to benefit and unlock the value of their data with AI without wearing the technical or commercial cost and risk.


Regardless of clinic size or location, clinics only need to provide data access, expertise and clinical support. Presagen does the rest, including AI build, regulatory approvals and commercialization.


Dr Michelle Perugini, CEO of Presagen said, “to build AI products that solve global problems, you need a global dataset which is diverse and represents different types of people and clinical settings. This is challenging because data privacy laws can prevent private medical data leaving the country of origin.  As a result, many focus on building AI from local datasets that are not diverse, creating AI that will be biased and simply will not scale.” She added, “together, we can grow value for patients with new levels of efficiency while delivering superior healthcare outcomes.”



Co-Founder of Presagen, Dr Jonathan Hall added, “Collectively a globally diverse dataset has the potential to create the world’s most powerful and globally scalable AI, and ultimately improve healthcare outcomes for patients around the globe.”





Presagen already has a call out for AI Open Projects in a range of healthcare sectors, including radiology, retinal, and fertility. A core technology that facilitates AI Open Projects is Presagen’s patent-pending Decentralized AI Training technique. The technique allows AI to be trained on medical data distributed globally without having to move or centralize the data.


Rather than move private data to a central location, Presagen’s technique moves the AI to the data for training. Only the AI which is general knowledge derived from the data is shared and moved between data sources, and never the private data itself. The technology was led by Presagen’s two Co-Founders, Dr Jonathan Hall and Dr  Don Perugini


Co-Founder Dr Don Perugini said, “Presagen’s decentralized AI training technique overcomes significant issues around data sharing to create globally scalable AI. We believe this is a necessary paradigm shift and will revolutionize the way the healthcare industry will build AI products.”


Although currently targeting the healthcare industry, Presagen’s technology is solving a more general and critical underlying problem in AI – building robust, scalable and unbiased AI products.


This was demonstrated with Presagen’s recently announced cyber security partnership with U.S.’s MITRE Corporation, that operate U.S. federally funded R&D centers to solve problems for a safer world; the newly announced Australian Cyber Collaboration Centre in South Australia; and global cybersecurity company DTEX. The collaboration will initially focus on detection of insider threats, and Presagen will apply its unique artificial intelligence (AI) technology to existing detection and investigation capabilities.



Source: Presagen