New BIPV product- setting the standard for future ecological buildings

Hanergy Thin Film Power Group (, launched its innovative BIPV product – HanWall, globally on September 29, (2018). Hanergy- the world’s largest thin-film power solution company- launched the world’s first integrated solar powered wall solution with events across venues in 7 locations, including Beijing, Sao Paulo, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Amsterdam, Dubai and Hong Kong.


HanWall is Hanergy’s newest development in the building-integrated PV segment, going beyond simple installation of rooftop solar panels and making power generating capability an integral part of the fabric of a building. HanWall is capable of lighting-up buildings with its unique design, as well as providing environmental benefits. 1000 square meters of installed HanWall is equivalent to reducing coal burning by 48 tons or planting 6000 trees.



Equipped with CIGS solar cell technology, every 1000 square metres of HanWall incorporated in the south facade of a building in Beijing can generate 326 kW of electricity per day. Currently over 700 patent applications have been filed for HanWall. Quality certifications including China Compulsory Certification have been issued or are in the process of being approved by authorities from China and 6 other countries and regions.


Hanergy kick-started a new initiative, “100 New Eco Landmarks” which was announced at the global launch. As part of this initiative, Hanergy will cooperate with the U.S. Green Building Council to jointly promote the concept of eco-buildings. Hanergy also announced a partnership with famous architects, KOLs and LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) consultants to form a commission, LEED Green Building and Renewable Energy Commission, to identify buildings which either have the LEED certification or are applying for it, to propose the benefits of using BIPV products like HanWall and, to provide selected buildings with HanWall solutions for free or at a discounted price.

With this bold initiative, Hanergy intends to maximize the use of clean energy, strive to make buildings showpieces for renewable energy in themselves and, accelerate the process of putting the use of renewable energy in green buildings globally.


Liu Qian, Chief Designer at Hanergy Solar Design Institute, said, “HanWall’s availability in 4 different colors and various sizes allows building designers to utilize their creative ability to build new eco landmarks. Hanergy conducted extreme condition laboratory tests to develop a reliable product. HanWall can resist a grade-12 typhoon and it can adapt to temperatures from -40 degree Celsius to +85 degree Celsius.”


Paul Haslam, international facade architecture expert and UK CEO of Permasteelisa, a leading international architecture design & construction company, also believes BIPV is an integral part of the future of architecture. He’s worked on prestigious facade projects, like Tower 42, Swiss Re (also known as the Gherkin) in London, and Terminal 5 at London Heathrow airport.


Paul stated, “once buildings can be designed in such a way that they are completely autonomous, completely free from grid ties, designed efficiently using future technologies and sustaining themselves using only natural resources, then they truly become a building for the future. For me, BIPV is an integral part of the future of architecture and HanWall represents a new dawn for BIPV across the globe.”


Source : Hanergy